A fireplace remains the most popular choice and adds significantly to the value of any home. Most fireplaces are no longer traditional brick and mortar, but are engineered and pre-built by major manufacturers. More than seventy-five percent (over a half million) of all fireplaces installed each year are factory-built.

What is a factory-built fireplace and what are the benefits?

  • Factory-built fireplaces are surprisingly inexpensive.
  • They use a safe, lightweight chimney and do not need any additional footing or other structural support.
  • Because they have fewer limitations than site-built masonry fireplaces, they can be easily and safely installed in almost any room.
  • Factory-built fireplaces are available in a range of sizes, and can be open on one, two ("see-through" and corner models), three ("peninsula"), or four sides ("oasis").
  • Brick, stone, marble and other facing materials can be combined with your choice of mantels to suit your decor.

What are the different types of fuels?

Most fireplaces are fueled by wood, pellet, gas and electric. However, choosing the type of fuel depends on your preference of maintenance, efficiency and storage.

How do you know what size is the best for your living space?

The square footage of the room you choose to install your fireplace determines the size.

Why choose Salter's over the other hearth shoppes?

  • Salter's offers a wide selection of gas, wood, pellet and electric fireplaces, inserts, stoves and log sets.
  • Our experienced team will help you choose the perfect appliance for your home.
  • We can also match the perfect mantel and hearth to accentuate your new fire appliance.
  • Our various tools and accessories will complete your warm indoor living space.
  • Don't forget Illuminations for small spaces including kitchens and bathrooms.
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