Today’s freestanding heating stoves are available in a variety of materials such as cast iron, soapstone and steel. All types offer different fuel options including gas, propane, wood pellets and wood.

Don’t have an existing chimney or fireplace available in your home to vent a stove?

Current safe venting options allow stoves to be installed wherever you choose.

Why choose Salter's over the other hearth shoppes?

  • Wood Stove Benefits: Natural and available. Wood can supplement furnace usage and reduce heating costs up to 30%.
  • Pellet Stove Benefits: Extremely low particulate emissions due to their high burn efficiency and the density of the fuel.
  • Gas/Propane Stove Benefits: Convenience. Quickly turn the fire on or off, adjust flame height and fire intensity.
  • Electric Stove Benefits: No fumes, low maintenance, low cost, easy installation and usable year-round.